About Us

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The FermentArmour Brewing Sleeve was created to solve a simple problem: how do you keep fermenting liquid safe and protected from the sun’s harmful rays? As every homebrewer knows, light can transform delicious beer into stale cardboard water.

Quick solutions never worked well for our founder. T-shirts and boxes just reduced mobility, looked messy, and often still left beer exposed to invisible UV rays.

After designing and creating several prototypes, our neoprene carboy sleeve was officially launched on Kickstarter in the fall of 2016. FermentArmour was successfully crowdfunded and chosen by Kickstater as a ‘Project We Love’, highlighting our sleek design and promoting our innovative solution.

The FermentArmour is perfect for anyone looking to take their homebrewing to the next level. Why look like a mad scientist when you can look like a professional brewmaster?