What is FermentArmour made of?

The FermentArmour Brewing Sleeve is made with strong, durable neoprene – the same material used to make professional wetsuits. The sleeve is designed to easily slip over a glass carboy, zip shut, and protect your brew from light. To regularly check on how your fermentation is progressing, just unzip for a quick peek and re-zip to ensure full protection.

Great, it protects from light. What else?

Not only does neoprene block out all light, but it’s an excellent insulator that helps regulate temperature. This means that sudden swings in temperature in your home won’t disrupt your yeast while it does its important work. If the change in environment persists, the FermentArmour will ease your brew into the new temperature.

The sleeve also features two short, sturdy handles to make carrying your carboy easy, secure, and swing resistant (i.e. spill resistant). A third strap is located at the bottom of the sleeve to make pouring and cleaning easy. The FermentArmour’s straps are reinforced and sewn tightly into the neoprene fabric for extra security.

I dropped my carboy once and it shattered everywhere! Will FermentArmour help prevent this?

Yes! The sleeve covers every part of the carboy (except for the top part of the neck), protecting the glass from any harsh contact with the ground. In fact, a drop test showed that our sleeve can protect a full carboy (filled with water of course, we wouldn’t risk losing any beer) against drops of up to 10 inches onto solid concrete. That’s 160 pounds of force, a disaster for an unprotected carboy. This is not a guarantee that the sleeve will protect your carboy from every fall, but it does provide some extra insurance. If your carboy does break with a FermentArmour on, the sleeve will contain the shards of glass, making cleanup that much easier (and less dangerous).

I have a carboy but I’m not sure which size it is. How can I be sure FermentArmour will fit it?

The FermentArmour Brewing Sleeve was designed around the standard, North American 6 gallon carboy that has ridges in the glass. The circumference of the carboy should be approximately 34 inches with a height of around 17.5 inches (measured from floor to shoulder). It also loosely fits 5 and a 5.5 gallon carboys.

I just got my FermentArmour Brewing Sleeve and I’m having a hard time putting it on. Help!

This is perfectly normal. Since your sleeve is brand new, the material needs to be broken into – just like a good pair of jeans. Once your sleeve is on, you won’t have issues in the future. It is also made to be tight and secure!

Here are a few tips for first time use: make sure the bottom panel of material is fairly centered to the bottom of the carboy. When you’re zipping it up, pull the two sides of the sleeve together near the top. Also, make sure you put your sleeve on before filling your carboy!

Do I ever need to remove my sleeve from my carboy?

Nope! If you want, it can stay on your carboy forever. Neoprene is not very absorbent, so even it gets wet during cleaning it will dry quickly if left somewhere with an air flow. If you spill sugary wort on it though, you may want to wash the sleeve separately.

I spilled beer on the sleeve. How do I wash it?

Neoprene is also extremely easy to clean using a mild soap in cold water. Hand wash and hang to dry. With proper care, your FermentArmour Brewing Sleeve will last a very long time.

Where can I buy a sleeve?

The FermentArmour Brewing Sleeve is sold on Amazon in the United States and Canada. See the ‘Buy Now’ tab for links to our product.

If you live elsewhere and can’t purchase our sleeve on Amazon, email us through the ‘Contact Us’ tab and we would be happy to provide you a cost estimate for shipping.

I still have questions!

We are here to help! Click the ‘Contact Us’ button in the menu and we will respond to your email as soon as possible.